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Welcome to Amaya Therapies

Let me invite you to my practice to be treated by your therapist Susan. I'm going to enlighten you about the treatments I offer, and about and how I became interested in holistic therapies.

The Idea was born out of my own experience of being treated at a number of salons within the UK and overseas. As sometimes treatment outcomes were not always achieved, this left me feeling disappointed, and led me to think about the experience that clients should expect when having a treatment.

I have been interested in health for a number of years, and so decided to study and qualify as a Complementary Health Therapist. My aim is to ensure that my clients recieve a professional, satisfying treatment, and are treated with warmth and care at all times. I am a qualified therapist, holding a Diploma in Complementary Health Treatments, and am continuing to develop my knowledge through ongoing training. I am currently receiving referrals from local medical practitioners. When you visit Amaya Therapies you can be assured of receiving the best possible care at all times.

As you continue to read my page you'll notice that I specialise in natural, non-invasive therapies.

Amaya Therapies.

My practice is named "Amaya Therapies". Amaya is a Sanskrit word which means "Self-Realization and Contentment in ones Self". This provides the guiding principle I adopt in the treatments I offer, as all treatments incorporate elements of Ayurveda - , which is the science of life. This is an ancient Indian form of medical treatment, which takes a holistic approach in treating the individual.

My Practice

My practice is located in Lammack, Blackburn, Lancashire, a quiet residential area with private parking, and is easily accessible from nearby towns and cities. Arriving at my practice you'll be greeted by beautiful, lush gardens and greenery, which is a therapy in itself!



The first thing you're greeted by upon entering my practice is the scent of aromatic oils, which immediately relaxes ones senses. The fully equipped treatment studio is located on the first floor and is a quiet relaxing space for you to enjoy your treatment. At all times I ensure that the treatment room is hygienic and clean.



I am currently developing a zen-style garden at the rear of my practice, which will offer clients a calm space in which to relax, so that their visits are unhurried and relaxed. This will enhance the clients experience, reinvigorating body, mind and soul.



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