The first stage of treatment involves consultation with the client in order to establish the purpose and desired outcome goals of the treatment. During this stage any relevant medical conditions are discussed. This enables me to create a treatment plan, best suited to the needs of the client.   It also enables me to choose the correct oils and technique in order to personalise the treatment.   At all times the privacy and confidentiality of the client is protected.


All treatments are priced BELOW £30. Please call or email me to discuss your treatment needs and the costs involved.

Treatments offered by Amaya Therapies

Aroma Oil Massage - A deep pressure relaxing massage, which uses essential oils, and is personalised for the individuals needs.   Aroma oils, which are extracted from plants, resemble the hormones found in the human body and benefit the functioning of the bodily system.   It also assists in lymphatic (toxic drainage), which helps expel impurities from the body.   The Aroma massages offered include:   full body massage, back massage or can be adapted to the individual clients needs.

Swedish Body Massage - Using pre-blended essential oils or pure Fiji Renieu oils, exclusively available in Blackburn from Amaya Therapies. This is a faster, invigorating massage.   It involves several massage techniques, and is used to increase circulation, improve digestion, and general bodily functioning.   This is available as a full or part body massage, or can be concentrated on areas specified by the client.

Indian Head Massage - An Indian ancient treatment.   A relaxing massage, which concentrates on the upper body, especially the head, neck and face.   It involves the balancing of chakras (energy channels) and is particularly effective in restoring the bodies natural balance.   Morma pressure points are also used in this treatment

Reflexology - An ancient Chinese treatment.   This massage focuses on the nerve ends and pressure points in the feet, which in turn relieves ailments in various parts of the body as energy pathways in each of the body's zones are cleared.   Reflexology stimulates the parasympathetic Nervous System, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

Hot and Cold Stone Treatment - The use of hot and cold basalt stones complement one another during this treatment, removing areas of tension naturally.   This is a popular winter treatment, which eases muscle tension, aches and pains, facilitating improved joint mobility.   The basalt stones are soaked your choice of oils for the massage.   The combination of hot and cold stones are soothing, balancing and invigorating for the body and will leave you feeling relaxed

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